sugeng rawuh

Sugeng rawuh is welcome in Solonese high level language. Solo the other name of Surakarta is known as the city that never sleeps, describing a city which full of hospitality and friendliness.

Solo, with the song Bengawan Solo, is very well known not only in Indonesia but even in Japan and other Asian countries.

Solo, having 2 antique-designed Royal Palaces is very attractive to both domestic and foreign tourists. The Javanese culture is indeed considered to be one of the unique cultures in the world which is also completely different from other cultures in Indonesia that the foreigner should know.

Solo and Hotel Dana are the two things which can not be seperated from one another due to the fact that being so many places of interest in Solo while Hotel Dana provides the accomodation.

Hotel Dana is located exactly in the heart of Solo city which has many advantages for the guest to stay in.