Wuryoningratan Batik Museum

Batik MuseumAncient batik gallery Danar Hadi that is located in Wuryoningratan house area was built based on a concern and obsession of  H. Santoso Doelah to the conservation and the development collections of ancient batik. Relying on approximately ten thousand of ancient batik, H. Doelah developed ancient batik gallery with theme: Batik, The Influence of  Time and Environment Surounding where they grow.

By using the theme above, the placement of batik display is arranged based on where they were from the era Dutch Batik, Chinese Batik, Javanese Batik, Hokokai, Indian Batik, Karaton (Palace) Batik, batik that is influenced by Karaton motive, Saudagaran (large scale merchant) Batik, Farmer Batik, Indonesian Batik, and Danar Hadi Batik. The total of the collection in the display is approximately seven hundreds of ancient batik clothes and every seven until nine months at change by turns with the other collections.

Location: Surakarta Region