Plaosan Temple

Plaosan TemplePlaosan Temple consist of two groups of temple, they are: Group of Plaosan Kidul (South) temple, this group have got a lot of destruction, Group of Plaosan Lor (North) temple, this group consist of 2 main temples surrounded by 116 Perwara Stupa.

In the room of the main temple there are 6 Dhyani Budisatwa Statues, they are: Awalokiteswara, Wajrapani, Padmapani. Based on the short ancient inscription carved on the Perwara, Plaosan Temple built on the cooperation with King Pikatan and Cri Kahulunan. The unification between Buddha and Hindu. It can be concluded that Plaosan Temple was predicted built in the 9th century.

Location: Klaten Region