Kedung Ombo Dam

Kedung OmboThe Kedung Ombo Dam located in Sumber Lawang Sub District. With enlarge 6.576 ha area and the waters land 2.830 ha. The tourists could enjoy the beauty of this dam by fishing, shopping in the fish market, or adventuring by motorboat. It is being developed now the fishing site and fish cultivating and also floating restaurant. Beside that, Kedung Ombo Dam would develop home stay in order to give the different tourism experience.

The main objectives of the Kedung Ombo Multipurpose Dam and Irrigation Project are to increase food production, stimulate employment, control damaging floods, supplement water supplies, generate additional power, and improve water management. The project includes: (a) construction of the Kedung Ombo Dam, appurtenant structures, diversion works, a hydroelectric power and associated transmission line, and three micro-hydroelectric power plants, and associated transmission lines; (b) improving existing irrigation and constructing two new irrigation systems; (c) establishing a flood control warning and water monitoring system for the dam and irrigation operations; and (d) provision of technical assistance for: (i) training in dam construction and safety inspection and in reservoir operation; (ii) design of irrigation works; (iii) surveys for updating classification of land for tax purposes to improve cost recovery; (iv) surveys for monitoring resettlement and compensation payments; and (v) studies for soil and water conservation.

Location: Sragen Region