Kethek Ogleng Performance

Kethek OglengKethek Ogleng is one form of folk art that is still evolving with diverse forms in Wonogiri Regency, Central Java. His story tells a monkey incarnation of the story of Raden Panji Sari Mountain in search of Goddess Sekartaji who disappeared from the palace. To fool the people to be free and out of the village and forest, Gunung Sari Raden was transformed into a white monkey lively and funny.

When wandering in the forest meets the white monkey with Endang Roro Setompe which is another name of Goddess Sekartaji. Looking at the figure of a beautiful Goddess Sekartaji, Panji was tempted. But unfortunately Sekartaji not want to have a husband seeekor apes. Finally Goddess Sekartaji left alone in the jungle of apes.

The story was later displayed in the form of a dance with Ogleng Kethek name. Actually, to be able to display art that is only needed two dancers to the accompaniment of gamelan music. The first dancers act as a white monkey and a second dancer role as Goddess Kilisuci.

Dance Kethek Ogleng express this in describing the movements of a group of white monkey. In this dance comes to expressions of agility, togetherness, spirit, humor, and attractive. Iringannya use Javanese gamelan instruments, traditional percussion instrument, vocal and rhythm that bring flavor and nuances remain popular.

Location: Wonogiri Region