Sukuh Temple

SukuhThis temple is located in western part of Lawu mountainside, about 910 m above the sea level. It was built in 15 or 16 century during Hindu Majapahit kingdom era. It has approximatelly 5,500 m2 of area. The main building has 910 height above sea level and almost similar with pyramid in Mexico.

The main gate is decorated with a giant head which symbolized reliefs of “Candra Sengkala.” It represents the year of the temple founding. Beside the reliefs of candra Sengkala, there is also a small temple with erotic reliefs. Actualy it is a symbol of true life teaching and a series of relief that tells about Garudeya and Sudhamala story with liberation as its theme. This temple used to be a worship place and a place to have a religious ceremony religion but now days it is only use a meditation place. Sukuh temple located in Berjo village, Ngargoyoso district, we can go there by pedestrian public transportation from Karangpandan to Ngargoyoso (Sukuh Temple).

Location: Karanganyar Region