Cetho Temple

CethoThe temple is Located in Gumeng village, Jenawi district in the western part of Lawu mountainside. It stands on the hill with beautiful view and surrounded by tea plantation. This temple has its own speciality it is different with any other temple exixted in Central Java. In order to get to this temple, we must go to a high through tea plantation and forest. Cetho Temple is one of Hindu heritage which was build in the end era of Majapahit governance (15th century). The first scientific report was made by Van de Vlies in 1842. There is also A.J. Bernet Kempres who conducted research about this temple.

The first restoration was done for the first time in 1928 by department of archeology owned by Dutch government. Based on the condition when the ruins were found, the temple was built on relatively the same year as Sukuh Temple. Location of this temple is in Ceto village, Gumeng village, Jenawi District, Karanganyar Regency, 1400 m above sea level. Nowadays the temple complex is used by local Hindus people as worship place and it is also popular as meditation place for people who believe in Javanese religion/ Kejawen.

Location: Karanganyar Region