Surakarta Kasunanan Palace

Kasunanan SurakartaKasunanan Palace as also called Karaton Surakarta Hadiningrat was built in 1745 by King Pakubuwono th 2nd. This is the mainly thing of Karaton Surakarta at the same time with the finding of this city.

Inside of the palace, there is an exotic art gallery and a museum with exiting heirlooms of the kingdom. A cart and its coachman, ancient weapons, and a keris (Javanese Traditional Weapon), and also antique matters. In the yard of the palace, which is dominated by a tower called Panggung Sanggabuwana, a mysterious tower as a place for the king to meet the ruler of the south sea. There is no such a prestigious and peaceful monument for tradition, art, and culture of Javanese classic kingdom.

Location: Surakarta Region