Batik Village of Laweyan

Kampung Batik LaweyanLaweyan is a batik industry center region, existed since Pajang emperor period in 1546. The batik traditional art master piece continually performed by Laweyan’s society until now. The surrounding situation of batik making activities in the past, predominated by the existence of batik entrepreneur as the owner of batik business.

At present era, Laweyan village had designed as an unified batik village by using an area with more or less 24 hectares of width consisted of 3 blocks. The unified development concept aimed to appearing directly batik dominant nuance which will deliver to the visitors about the beauty of batik arts. The batik which Tirto Tejo motives and Truntum motives are the main specific character of Laweyan’s batik. The garment with colorfull abstract motive is the supporter batik arts whuch completes batik collections.

Kampung batik Laweyan completed with facilities to give a course and training to learn how to make batik without limited number of person and social oriented. Every house in there has double function, that are as a showroom and production house, all at one

Laweyan is also popular with the building shapes, especially tha batik entrepreneur’s architecture houses influenced by Javanese, european, Chinese, and Islamic traditional architecture. The buildings are provided by a high hedge or “fortress” caused the forming of specific tight alleys in that area.

Location: Surakarta Region