Radyapustaka Museum

Radyapustaka MuseumRadya Pustaka Museum is a museum in Surakarta, Indonesia. Established in 1890, it is the second oldest museum in Indonesia (the oldest being the National Museum of Indonesia in Jakarta). The museum kept various literature in Old Javanese and Dutch languages. The museum is located within the park complex of Taman Sriwedari.

The museum was established by Kanjeng Adipati Sosriningrat IV during the governorship of Pakubuwono IX on October 28, 1890. On January 1, 1913, the museum was moved to its present location, formerly the residence of a Dutchman Johannes Busselaar.

A bust of Rangga Warsita, a 19th-century poet of the Surakarta Kraton, is placed on the front yard of the museum. The statue was inaugurated in 1953 by – at that time – the Indonesian president Sukarno.

Several 17th and 18th-century Dutch East India Company’s cannons are kept in the museum, as well as smaller cannons of the Kraton. There is also Hindu-Buddhist sculptures discovered around Surakarta, wayang puppets, wayang beber, ceramic, gamelan set, and Javanese kris.

Location: Surakarta Region

Puppet Play Sriwedari

SriwedariPuppet Play is the art of dance drama that takes the story of Ramayana and Mahabharata as the main story. Puppet Play is the embodiment of the dance drama Wayang Purwa (shadowgraph). Puppet Play began to emerge in the eighteenth century that has been inspired by the drama that has been developed in Europe, created by KGPAA Mangkunegoro I in Solo. All dancers Puppet Play at that time were male dancers, no female dancers. In various books on culture mentioned puppets, Puppet Play was created by Prince Duke Arya Kangjeng Mangkunegara I (1757-1795).

The players Puppet Play at that time only the palace courtiers, and performed on a limited basis in 1760. However, the new government Puppet Play Mangkunegara V show was more popular in the community, although still limited enjoyed by the relatives of the palace and its employees. The Puppet art Correctional almost coincided with the birth of the dance drama Langendriyan.

Location: Surakarta Region

Selo Tourism Object

SeloThe tourism object located in the slope of Mount Merapi and mount Merbabu or exactly located in Selo sub district is a tourism object which has the beautiful and charming nature scenery with the original and natural views. Every 1st of Suro, a ritual ceremony is held in Merapi mountain, it’s called Sedekah Gunung.

Mount Merapi is one of the most active mountain in Indonesia. With many pass on it like Bubroh market and the top of Garuda, it could reach from Selo, exactly from the Joglo guard post. Mount Merbabu is a non active mountain with opened field and hilly, with the farmer’s unirrigated agricultural field. The Merbabu pass could be reached for about six hours from Selo.

Location: Boyolali Region

Tirto Marto Pengging Bathing Site

PenggingThis bathing site is located in Dukuh village, Banyudono subdistricts which in the past was only used for the king and his family from Kasunanan Palace.

In this location there are many water source and all of them bring about the padusan ritual ceremony.

The Ngabeyan reservoir was the Pakubuwono X barhing site and the location is closed to Dudo reservoir and Temanten reservoir. Purportedly anyone who bathe submerging in the water with the clean and relieved heart would get blessing.

Location: Boyolali Region

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