Kemuning Tea Plantation

kemuningKemuning tea plantation is managed by PT. Agro Kemuning Tourism located in Kemuning village, Ngargoyoso District, Karanganyar Regency on the height 1540 above sea level. This Tea plantation lies in the area between Sukuh Temple and Cetho Temple offers mountainous natural view with cool climate and the temperature around 22 Celsius degree.

Not only the overlay of green tea view, but also the tea pickers w ho wears caping and tenggok on their shoulder become amazing scene that cannot be found in the city . They start their activity since dawn until dusk carefully and patiently. Besides becomes tourism destination, this tea plantation is usually used as pre wedding photography location for its remarkable green view.

Location: Karanganyar Region

Grojogan Sewu Waterfall

grojogan sewuIn Javanese, Grojogan Sewu means thousand water falls due to the sprinkling of the water falling from the waterfall since it has very strong stream. The height of Grojogan Sewu is 80 m and located between Tawangmangu Jungle Tour.

Entering Grojogan Sewu Tourism Park, visitors must go through stair down to go to the edge of water fall. Altough it is tiresome but after we see the beauty of the waterfall all of those fatiqueness will be paid . Visitors can see various kinds of forest tree and there are a number of tame monkey life there.

Location: Karanganyar Region

Sukuh Temple

SukuhThis temple is located in western part of Lawu mountainside, about 910 m above the sea level. It was built in 15 or 16 century during Hindu Majapahit kingdom era. It has approximatelly 5,500 m2 of area. The main building has 910 height above sea level and almost similar with pyramid in Mexico.

The main gate is decorated with a giant head which symbolized reliefs of “Candra Sengkala.” It represents the year of the temple founding. Beside the reliefs of candra Sengkala, there is also a small temple with erotic reliefs. Actualy it is a symbol of true life teaching and a series of relief that tells about Garudeya and Sudhamala story with liberation as its theme. This temple used to be a worship place and a place to have a religious ceremony religion but now days it is only use a meditation place. Sukuh temple located in Berjo village, Ngargoyoso district, we can go there by pedestrian public transportation from Karangpandan to Ngargoyoso (Sukuh Temple).

Location: Karanganyar Region

Cetho Temple

CethoThe temple is Located in Gumeng village, Jenawi district in the western part of Lawu mountainside. It stands on the hill with beautiful view and surrounded by tea plantation. This temple has its own speciality it is different with any other temple exixted in Central Java. In order to get to this temple, we must go to a high through tea plantation and forest. Cetho Temple is one of Hindu heritage which was build in the end era of Majapahit governance (15th century). The first scientific report was made by Van de Vlies in 1842. There is also A.J. Bernet Kempres who conducted research about this temple.

The first restoration was done for the first time in 1928 by department of archeology owned by Dutch government. Based on the condition when the ruins were found, the temple was built on relatively the same year as Sukuh Temple. Location of this temple is in Ceto village, Gumeng village, Jenawi District, Karanganyar Regency, 1400 m above sea level. Nowadays the temple complex is used by local Hindus people as worship place and it is also popular as meditation place for people who believe in Javanese religion/ Kejawen.

Location: Karanganyar Region

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