Until 1952 there could be no single hotel representative enough to accommodate tourist who come to Solo.

Mangkunegaran, the founder of Dana Foundation took initiative to build the first modern hotel. A fifty year old building which formerly owned by Prince Poerbonegoro, a son of the late King Pakubuwono X was renovated to be an antique hotel with modern facilities. It was there named Hotel Dana, and was opened to public May 25, 1953

Now Hotel Dana is one of the best places to stay while doing your business, for pleasure, or even when you have a big event to celebrate, since it has an extra large parking car and a well-maintained garden to cater your guest.


Hotel Dana is located exactly in the heart of Solo which has many advantages for the hotel guest. All good reasons why Hotel Dana should be your first choice in Solo.


20 minutes drive from the airport. 5 minutes drive from the railway station.


Rooms & Suites
Junior Suite
Deluxe Suite
Superior Suite
Bung Karno Family Suite